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PostSubject: Clan Members   Clan Members I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 29, 2012 5:57 am

***You must be trialed by me (itamaries) for quickscoping, your KD for multiplayer and highest round for Zombies***

***There are 3 sections that Nova members are allocated to: Zombies, Multiplayer and Quickscoping***


itamaries (PS3)
latinotreo3 (PS3)

Co Leaders:

Thomastrix (PS3)
connor123payne (PS3)
I_r_LeGaCy (PS3)
bulletproof432 (PS3)

Quickscoping Members:

itamaries (PS3)
Thomastrix (PS3)
DaleQuinn (PS3)
ell-21 (PS3)
ign200 (PS3)
epic--x--shai3D (PS3)
english55 (PS3)
iDon-_-GhOsT (PS3)
TGxBighead (PS3)
louischicharito (PS3)
MarkyBoi20 (PS3)
Rachel-Louise91 (PS3)
brant_harman (PS3)
FatRambo2011 (PS3)
Jackster11xx (PS3)
joe_spurs_fan (PS3)
louis-hughes97 (PS3)
brealdeal17 (PS3)
Xx-Dec-x (PS3)

Zombie Members:

itamaries (PS3)
epic--x--shai3D (PS3)
merks7225 (PS3)
DaleQuinn (PS3)

Multiplayer Members:

itamaries (PS3)
merks7225 (PS3)
epic--x--shai3D (PS3)
DaleQuinn (PS3)
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Clan Members
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